Support KPI value computation

Let's say I just want to calculate the sum of all orders from this year.

In order to compute the value I need a container in which I have to place a detail row (which can be suppressed) and a footer with a formular.


I would like to just create a formular which is evaluated even without a container which I can use in the header.

Or even better: It could be a diagram type: KPI which asks for a datasource and outputs a single value. Even with DrillDown.

I already can do something similar if I add a pie chart with expression "true" and a white color but nativ support would be better.

LL21 comes with native aggregates, i.e. such calculations can be done on-the-fly directly in the database. That should enable the described scenario. I 've blogged about this feature here:
Does that help?

Thanks for the reply.

What I want to achive is a dashboard with just some figures. Lets say:

  • Total Sales This year
  • Total Sales Last year

If I click this figure in the preview window I want to drill down to a more detailed report.
I already achive this with a pie chart but it looks ugly and the hot spot for the click event is the pie itself.

Basically a brand new diagramm type “KPI” - Key-Performance-Indicator – Wikipedia
would be great. It could be inherited from pie chart with the following modifications:

  • value (Datenquelle / Koordinatenwert) is always null (and hidden)
  • the pie is hidden
  • the hotspot is the value itself (Segment / Koordinatenwert)