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Support for Windows 10

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Valid from List & Label 1
Running your application with List & Label you can receive the following message under certain circumstances on your development PC:

Unknown operating system

This version of List & Label has not been tested under your currently used operating system. It is recommended to check if a more recent version of List & Label is available or contact support.
As described above, this message is only displayed on the development PC if the currently used List & Label version has no official support for the underlying Microsoft Windows operating system. As a developer, you are responsible for the evaluation of the operating systems before releasing your application.
With the release of Service Pack 20.007 for List & Label 20, combit ensures that List & Label is supporting Microsoft Windows 10.
Earlier versions may be able to still function, but by the lack of official support we cannot guarantee and support a safe and compliant operation.
For each new version of Microsoft Windows it is necessary to perform extensive compatibility testing because of changed functionality. We have to ensure that there are no restrictions on the use of List & Label integrated in your application.
IDKBTE001317 KBTE001317