Support Center: Make support cases visible/editable for team members

Currently, support cases are visible to the reporter only. If the reporter is on vacation or ill, no one else in the company is able to see the status of the cases or provide additional information that combit’s support team requests.

Please provide an option to see and add replies to support cases of other licenses that belong to the same company as the license one is logged in with.

Thanks for the suggestion. This would require a major change to the support portal - however the request is perfectly understandable.

As a workaround you might use a special email alias during the creation of your cases (something like and make sure any mails to this alias are forwarded to everyone on your team. However I figure this would then be a push instead of pull and you’d still not be able to actively see all cases, just receive all combit answers.

Open for voting, then :).

Promoting to planned - we’re working on a relaunch of our support portal.