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Sum variables displaying different result from manual sum in report

Hi guys, new user here, I’m making picking list for the company I work in at the moment.
I noticed that the sum variable I defined always displays a different (wrong) number from the raw sum of the same value made directly in the report.
This is the definition of the variable, a simple sum of val(my value):

This is where I put the variable, beside the sum(val(myvalue))

As there are no other options to set I don’t know where to look at, here you can see the sum on the left and the sum variable on the right.

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Do you have more than one table inside your Container?
Then your formular should read:

Cond(LL.CurrentContaimerItem = ‘MyTable’, val(myvalue),0)

MyTable should be the name of your table, as set in the properites of the table.

This condition "LL.CurrentContaimerItem " is not recognized by my system, as reference we have version 20 installed.

I had only two tables in my report, the main one with all the data and a smaller one with a static image, I deleted the last one and now my variable display always 0.

Sorry, I have no other idea, maybe you should write a ticket to combit?

This is the current situation.

Basically looks good to me. I’d second @Marco_Muller1 - you should either try to destroy one of our samples in the same way or raise a ticket with our support team. Attaching my sample project for the demo application here (LL25), the result is as expected:

SumProblem.rpt (36.4 KB)

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