Sort by fields in related(Parent) table

It would be a nice feature to be able to sort by fields that are contained within a parent table from the one the report container was started at.  Many times I end up creating a container starting at the parent level just to sort and then show no data lines.  Then I woudl add a  sub element to the child table that I needed the majority of data from.

Yes. I agree with this. At least to give the ITable Interface a chance to get this information. I know that doing this on the SQL level, a JOIN is required.
May be with a special interface like IAdvancedSorting… to give the ITable class a chance to create the required JOIN.

But this is a real good feature. But should be possible…


We plan to add this in LL26 at least for the DbCommandSetDataProvider in .NET where the 1:1 fields are already joined into the main table. Custom data providers could then try to clone this logic.

This is what the UI will look like. The shot shows the Sort Order property for an “Order” table that has a 1:1 relation to a “Customer” table. Sortings are currently restricted to “one level up”, i.e. only direct 1:1 relations are offered. If more than one relation targets the same parent table, the field names below would be extended with the key fields allowing a distinction in those (rather rare) cases.


We plan to support this for all SQL based datasources.