Show multiple tables without a page break between them

Above is my current set up and the 5 highlighted tables need to always show together, with no page break inbetween.
Is this possible? I was wondering if the best way was to make the last 4 sub elements of the Notes table.


(This is how it looks)

Several options to get to the required result:

  • if the height of the tables is fairly constant, you can use a condition for the “Wrap Before” property of the first table based on RemainingTableSpace().
  • another option would be to pack the tables into a single table and use the “Keep together” options
  • you can even define where you would still allow for wraps. I blogged about this here: Keeping Groups of Table Lines Together | Reporting Blog List & Label
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So I have grouped them like this because I cannot put them in a single table as I need some relations for the Comments and Approvals tables.

For each table I have set Keep Data Together to Data Lines and Sub Tables.
For testing purposes, I have set the Distance After on the previous table to 50mm so it pushes this End of Report section down. However it is not keeping the data together.

Can you share your report here? I’d try to reproduce and fix the issue then.

We store our report direct to the database. No way of getting the .lst file (as I am aware)

You could open the sample application and copy/paste all objects from your project :nerd_face:. (359.7 KB)

We have looked at the report and have recreated the structure. But we came to the conclusion that it is not possible to create a page break where all tables are kept together in the current structure of your report.

As Jochen said, it would be best to move all your tables with data into a single table. If you know how big the tables will be you can also try to work with RemainingTableSpace(). Or you can put the contents of your Free Tables into one of the Tables that contain the rest of your report data so you wont need free tables.

Here is a project where you can play with in our DemoApplication that also shows why it is probably necessary to put your data into one table.

KeepLinesTogehter.lsr (106.1 KB)

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Thank you for your help. I will look into this structure.

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