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Sending E-Mails With Microsoft Outlook x86/x64

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Valid from List & Label 23
List & Label supports many protocols to send e-mails like Simple MAPI, Extended MAPI (also known as XMAPI, can only be used with Microsoft Outlook) and SMTP.

The so-called Mail Proxy (cmMX??.exe/cxMX??.exe) is available for sending e-mails with List & Label from an x86 application via 64-bit Outlook or from an x64 application via 32-bit Outlook. This avoids the system-related bitness conflict between the two applications.

For List & Label versions < 21, however, the following restrictions apply. The following overview shows various possible constellations for sending e-mails:
  Outlook x86 Outlook x64
Simple MAPI Extended MAPI Simple MAPI Extended MAPI
x86 application (with LL) OK OK -* -*
x64 application (with LL) OK -* OK OK
* These restrictions are removed when using the Mail Proxy starting with List & Label Version 21.

The SMTP protocol does not play a role here, as e-mail is sent directly by List & Label and no installed e-mail client is required. In this case, however, corresponding connection data are necessary to connect to the e-mail server to be used.

- Further information on sending export files by e-mail using List & Label can be found in the List & Label Programmer's Manual in chapter 'Send Export Results via E-Mail'.
- Please also note the notes on redistributing the Mail Proxy in the Redist.txt file in the documentation directory of your List & Label installation.
- Further details regarding the MAPI email dispatch can be found in the Microsoft link below.


IDKBTE001363 KBTE001363