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Ricoh Printers

Are there any known issues with the Ricoh printers, I have two customers using 2 different models both with updated drivers yet both are unable to print landscape.

Hello Darren,

thank you for your post.

Yes, unfortunately there are issues with Ricoh printers. Those printers are not able to print in landscape mode:

Translated version of a knowledgebase article:
When using printer drivers from the manufacturer Ricoh there are problems to print in landscape mode. This page orientation, among other things which can be configured by the printer driver, are not always correctly supported while working with List & Label and thus can not be used reliably in the layout. This applies to printers that are sold under the brand name “Ricoh”.

On 17/05/2011 Ricoh has released a driver update that should fix the problem. Unfortunately our test results were not very satisfying. With the latest drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7 (version Driver for Universal Print and above) the problem is not fixed at all. The problem manifests itself in the fact that print templates are only available in portrait and landscape mode when the orientation is set to Landscape in the printer driver. Is this driver property set to portrait mode, the behavior is unchanged.

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