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Ribbon Toolbar is Disabled Unexpectedly

I have another question and I hope you could help me.
The ribbon toolbar on preview is working properly if I do a preview on my local pc.
However when I use an rdp to the server and do a preview there, the ribbon toolbar is somehow disabed and I can’t click on anything on it.
Then if I open another application for example windows explorer and goes back to the preview then the ribbon toolbar is then somehow enabled and I can already click.

I assume that focus is somehow the problem but I can’t figure out where or how to solve this.

Feel free to open new topics for new questions :slight_smile:. Can you post a couple of screenshots documenting this behavior?

The whole thing is somehow disabled.
And yes, I will create new topic next time. Sorry :slight_smile:

No problem at all :smile:. Strange, it doesn’t look disabled at all. Does this happen for every RDP connection or just to a single machine? Do the buttons hover when you move the cursor over them? Does this also happen if you start the viewer application (llview24.exe)? If you use Visual Studio, can you try to use Spy++ and take a look at the window styles for the ribbon toolbar? Poking around in the dark, I haven’t seen this anywhere else yet…

Yes this is my opinion also that it doesn’t look disabled but just somehow an issue of focus.
Usually if you hover to close button for example, a blue hover color effect would appear.
But in this case also nothing is shown and then nothing can be clicked.
This only happens if the preview comes out from showing it from Visual Studio application.
And then if I open other application or just Window + Tab and then goes back to the preview then all button are clickable / enabled.

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