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Report with no data

I’ve been using L&L for years now and I don’t think I’ve ever come across this problem.

Usually if we go off to gather the data for a report and there is no data, we just show an alert to the user saying ‘No Data’ or similar.

But we have a few reports that automatically get exported as PDF and sent by email.

In those reports it would be better if the report itself could just show a text object that says ‘No data to be printed’ if there were no data lines at all.

Is there an easy way of doing this instead of just passing a field line count to the template?

In this case you have to catch the exception/return-code which tells you the error… and then you can print/export again a default-report (can also be created by DOM-API) with only your error-text.

Thanks for that. I’ve not used the DOM-API yet. Not even sure if it is possible using our programming language.

In my case, I believe it is going to be easier to pass the number of rows that will be printed in the table just so I can test it for ZERO lines and show a single text object as I suggested.


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