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Redistribution of cmLL2600.ltpl for 64 Bit

The “Redist.txt” (our main source for redistributing L&L for years) and the “Redistributionsassistent” both show the cmLL2600.ltpl as required for label tempaltes in 64 Bit.
My research showed, it should be named “cx” for 64 Bit: cxLL2600.ltpl

I suggest to implement the following feature:

  • Correct the 64 Bit part in “Redist.txt” and the “Redistributionsassistent”.
  • Remove the cmLL2600.ltpl from “[InstallDir]\Redistribution\x64” (the cxLL2600.ltpl is already there!)

A typical use case might be:
If you redistribute 64 Bit assemblies with the cmLL2600.ltpl instead of the cxLL2600.ltpl, the suggested templates list for labels is empty.

Thanks. Rather a bug fix than a feature - will be corrected in LL27.

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