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Query on save after editing form controls in preview

(Martin Boroš) #1

I have in LST form controls. When I change a control in preview and then I will it close, LL display message “You have changed some of the values in the file. Do you want to save the changes?” Can I somehow suppress these message? Thanks.

(Günther Schwarze) #2

Hi Martin,

Check out chapter 8.4.4. “Automatic Storage of Form Data”. You’re looking for “SaveAs.NoSaveQuery”.


(Martin Boroš) #3

I was advised to use “SaveAs.NoSaveQuery”. So I used this command: LlPrintSetProjectParameter (hJob, “SaveAs.NoSaveQuery”, “1”, LL_PARAMETERFLAG_VALUE)
Then there is no message “You have changed some of the values…”, but a “Save as…” dialog has appeared.
When I use command LlPrintSetProjectParameter (hJob, “SaveAs.ShowDialog”, “0”, LL_PARAMETERFLAG_VALUE)
a “Save as…” appeared anyway, so I had to use these commands: LlPrintSetProjectParameter (hJob, “SaveAs.Format”,“LL”, LL_PARAMETERFLAG_VALUE); LlPrintSetProjectParameter (hJob, “SaveAs.Filename”, “mytemp.LL”, LL_PARAMETERFLAG_VALUE); After this it works without asking “Save as…”, but Windows are trying to open the saved file (“mytemp.LL”).
I suppose this is because there is a “Open the application assigned to the file after saving” option ON.
So my questions are:
a) Solution 1: What can I do to not open the saved file? (set programmaticaly “Open the application assigned to the file after saving” option OFF)
b) Better solution 2: Is there any possibility of closing preview without any query and WITHOUT SAVING ANY FILE?
Thank you.

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #4

Dear Martin,
thank you for your post.

You can use the “Export.ShowResult” export option to not show the saved file e.g.
LlXSetParameter(hJob, LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT, “PRV”, “Export.ShowResult”, “0”);
Sorry there is no possibility for this. You have to save a file (after saving you can delete it).

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH