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Printer Fonts and L&L

Hi All,

I’m printing a report to a POS printer.

In WordPad I have the following fonts available:

  • Barcode1, Barcode2, Barcode3, …
  • FontA11, FontA12, FontA21, …
  • FontB11, FontB12, FontB21, …
  • control

These are ‘printer fonts’ i.e. they use the internal printer fonts and print FAST.
The control font is used for special operations, like paper cut, open cashier till, etc.

In L&L these fonts are not available. Any ideas?

Here is the font dialog in L&L: in Wordpad: [url=http://hotsoft.com/temp/wordpad.png

Please][/url] Note: I am not interested in using TTY output - I need to support many different printer models.



to 0.


Many thanks Paul,

I have tried adding the following:


Now I can see fonts such as ‘Fixedsys’ and ‘Terminal’ but I still cannot see the printer fonts. In Word I can see FontA*, FontB*, Barcode* and Control (used for paper cut, cash drawer, customer display etc).

I can work around this problem by manually entering “FontA11” in the font property in L&L. But it is not available in the font dialog (which may confuse my end-users).

These fonts are ‘device fonts’. i.e. provided by the printer driver.


I just checked - when the option is set to 0, my font dialogs do show printer fonts (with that old-style printer icon in front of the face name. I used a dot matrix printer).

But I use XP, possibly Win7 is a different beast?


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