Print Swiss QR Invoice with List & Label

As of 2018, the payment slips that have been customary up to now in Switzerland will be supplemented or replaced by the so-called QR invoice. The central component is a QR code with a Swiss cross in the middle. Details on the new standard can be found here.

The logo addition is not part of the QR code specification, but is rather made possible by the fact that QR codes have a very high tolerance for interference due to the strong error correction. The Swiss cross can therefore simply be inserted as an image in the middle of the barcode, which is still scannable. In addition, it is a good idea to group the barcode with the image so that both objects can be moved together.

Enclosed is an example file for our demo application (letter project) to download, which contains the desired barcode with the addition of the Swiss cross.

If the QR code also contains umlauts, please see the article Encoding UTF-8 characters in a QR Code in our knowledgebase.

IDKBTD001330 KBTD001330