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Print label from web application to local usb printer

We have an ASP.NET Web Application installed on IIS on a web server. We want the users to be able to print labels from the Web Application on their local default printer connected with USB. Is this possible? If it is possible I would much appricate some code samples.


Hi Karsten,

Already commented on your question on Stack Overflow as well.

As List & Label runs on the server side only, it has no access to the printer on the client. That said, you may of course export to e.g. PDF and then print this using the usual button click on the printer icon. If you’re looking for an automated way and an installation on the client is feasible, you could think of deploying an app on the client that would register for a custom protocol, download a preview file and print this.

Would that be a way to go?

Hi and thanks for your answare.
We have to do a little thinking for the best solution.


Just come back here if we can be of any further help. Printing a preview file from an app is very easy, you just need this method from the PreviewFile class. This app would then need to be registered for your custom URL scheme, here’s a primer on the topic:


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