Possible Complications When Using an Antivirus Program

Overzealous virus scanners can sometimes prevent a project file from being saved or overwritten in a network path because the file is currently locked.

Although List & Label never comes into contact with critical operating system components of its own accord, it is quite possible that antivirus programs trigger a “false positive”, i.e. a false alarm.

This can be due to various causes. For example, the heuristics could make the antivirus program too sensitive, or the engine of the antivirus program could generally be very sensitive. As a quick solution, you can add affected paths to the exception list of your antivirus program to reduce or eliminate any false alarms and complications. This can also improve performance.

We are also in regular contact with all major antivirus program manufacturers to correct such “false positives” as quickly as possible. If you encounter similar problems, please contact us immediately.

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