Please make Word export customizable

In the online documentation it is advertised that the Word export should be customizable:
“The Word Export module generates documents in Microsoft Word® format. The generation runs independently from an installation of this product, so it is a native support. A full layout-preserving export is performed. Tables are generated page-by-page to allow for optimal subsequent editing.”

This may be true for correcting typos, but otherwise hardly anything can be adjusted without destroying the structure of the document. For example, text can only be added to tables to a very limited extent: If, for example, there would be a page break as a result of an addition, the text that should be displayed on the next page simply disappears. See ticket: [W202208100001]

The final information from support:
“In fact, the documents resulting from a Word export are not suitable for further editing, or extending. For technical reasons, the tables contained in List & Label must be positioned in Word text fields during export, otherwise the contents could not be positioned so precisely or displayed at all.”

I therefore ask you to revise the old-fashioned Word export to text fields. Because at this point in time, it is not worth much more to us than an export to PDF!

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