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PDF Export with additional PDF Files in one document


(combit - Webmaster) #1

For exporting invoices per Mail, we need the possibility to export additional PDF-Files as attachments in the same layer like the invoice.
I don't want to work with layout-files and convert them with "preview.append" into one file.
All the atteachment must be in one file and layer.

Peter Schmitz


(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

You’re already able to do that IIUC - you could add a couple of static content tables after your actual report and only have a PDF field in them. This would then print the PDF attachments one after the other. Using a formula you could even change the size of the report container to “full page” for the static tables. Would that help?

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #3

Closed as “complete”, see above.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) closed #4