PDF Export - Ability to create links with custom protocols URIs (myapp://order/123)

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Currently LL supports exporting PDFs with clickable hyperlinks like http://www.google.com.
Hyperlinks containing custom protocols (other than http:// and https://) are not supported.
Please allow custom protocols to propagate to exported PDFs.

A typical use case might be:
Interactive hyperlinks like http://www.google.com can be part of emails, in Word documents, web sites, PDF und more. But hyperlinks are not limited to the web. Windows allows to register a custom protocol scheme to start custom applications from all those mentioned places. Our application has registered a custom protocol handler for links like myapp://order/123 which allows to deep link right into a rich client application from almost all places. Currently we like to distribute LL generated PDF reports which we love to contain clickable links to various parts of our application.

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