Pass Printer ESC Sequences

Valid from List & Label 7
List & Label provides three callbacks enabling you to send printer driver specific ESC sequences at different points in time:

Is called when List & Label has created the DC

Is called when List & Label has called StartDoc()

Is called when List & Label has called StartPage()

Within these callbacks you can use the Windows API Escape() and EscapeExt() to send ESC sequences to the printer driver. More hints regarding the Windows API calls StartDoc(), StartPage, Escape() and ExtEscape() can be found in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

Which callback is suitable for you depends on the point in time when you want to (or have to) pass ESC sequences to your printer.

The OCX and VCL do not support these callbacks as events. Using the .NET component you can trigger the events in your code, because of reasons for clarity there are not listed in Intellisense:
LL.ChangeDCPropertiesCreate += new ChangeDCPropertiesCreateHandler(LL_ChangeDCPropertiesCreate);

void LL_ChangeDCPropertiesCreate(object sender, ChangeDCPropertiesCreateEventArgs e)
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