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Opening a support case

I’m trying to open up a support case. Clicking on the support center I end up at a page that will allow me to login (if not) or logout (if logged in). Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but frustrated.

The issue at hand is that we have a customer that has working label template(s) on a Zebra label printer when we print direct. But if we utilize the printer dialog the labels are offset and the printer freezes (assuming because it’s now printing out of the margins).

-Chuck Bensinger
-Osprey Retail Systems.

Apologies for the hassle with the support portal - I will have someone check it ASAP on Monday. We’ll also open a support case for you regarding the issue you’re describing. We’ll probably need the project file and a debug log file for analysis, these can easily be exchanged via the portal (once it’s working for you). Stay tuned - would be great if you could update this thread with the results then.

As promised, the portal has been fixed and a support case has been opened for you. Thanks very much for the heads-up.

Thank you, I do appreciate it. I have updated the case with the requested information and then some.

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Closing this issue as solved, see my comment here.

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