ODBC and Relations in the Report Server / Designer

When we use the designer embedded into our app we can pass relations just fine.

We’ve started playing with the Report Server connecting to a Progress Openedge database via ODBC. When creating a table I can make this work by adding both tables to it. However, when trying to make a chart, etc., I can’t see anyway of doing this. I’m assuming that’s just “how it is”, but I wanted to confirm that.

Hi Chuck, do i understand correctly you are missing the childtable in your chart?
In normal case if you have passed the relation correctly you can choose the table same way like you choose for table object.
e.g. adding a chart to the report container →

If your problem is different i think a screenshot will bring up light in here :wink:
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When connecting to a Progress Openedge database via ODBC for the Report Server, I’m not seeing any table relations like you show above.

Hi Chuck,

in this case you probably have to work with single queries which need a manually assigned relation.

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Which I have been able to do in the Report Container itself; but I can’t see if that’s possible for the Chart / Table / etc.

Apparently, the ODBC driver does not provide information about relationships. Thus, you actually have to assign the relatiions while configuring the data source, at least for charts. See here for a walk through.