No default mail client - preview


We use List & Label (version 11) in our ERP developed in Clarion 10.

For some computers running Office 365, emailing the report does not work. We received the message:


However, Outlook is the default program.

I have tried the suggested forum settings: L&L does not open default email application - #5 by Michael_Cooper

And also in the article: Error With Sending Email Via SimpleMAPI

How can I solve the problem?

Thank you

Hi Lisandro,

Thanks for reaching out here.

Unfortunately, LL11 was never tested with Office 365. I seem to recall a couple of changes that were required to make emailing via Outlook / Office 365 work. I’d suggest to check if the latest version (24) works in your scenario. The trial would do for a quick check. If you’re still seeing issues with version 24, feel free to either post a log file here or raise an issue via our support portal.