I’ve inherited a project with LL21 report.
Every records is printed manual with code ‘LlDefineVariableExt’
But how can I force a NewPage/BreakPage with delphi code?

Hi Christophe,

If you are using a Card project, you can simply use the LlPrint() function. LlPrint is responsible for a page break.

Within a Label project however, LlPrint() will trigger a new Label, rather than a new page. But with the current version of List&Label (Version 26), the possibility to trigger a new page was introduced. Please compare this BLOG post, for further information.

Hope this helps. Otherwise please do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Hi Onursai,

I’m using a Label project. I can not upgrade to version 26 now.

Can I add a object with property ‘BreakPage condition’ in a label project?

A page break in a label project actually just skips to the next label. There is no way to achieve the new “form feed” feature from within the Designer in LL21, unfortunately. This was the very reason to introduce this feature.

I found the solution.
I send LL.IsForcedPage with True/False, So the object can be visible or not.
Then I Count the GetItemsPerPage and Use LLPrint to the next page.