New overload of LlGetUsedIdentifiers that should accept the Project File as a Stream or Byte[]

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Further overload(s) of LlGetUsedIdentifiers available, perhaps as follows:
public List LlGetUsedIdentifiers( Stream projectFile )
public List LlGetUsedIdentifiers( Stream projectFile, LlIdentifierType identifierType)
public List LlGetUsedIdentifiers( Byte[] projectFile )
public List LlGetUsedIdentifiers( Byte[] projectFile, LlIdentifierType identifierType)

A typical use case might be:
Since the currently available method ListLabel.Core.LlGetUsedIdentifiers( string projectFile ) only accepts the project file as a path located on a storage medium but not from the memory e.g. Stream etc. therefore when the project file (lst) is only available in memory (due to high performance reasons or else) and not on an accessible storage medium or cannot be temporarily stored on it, then it is not possible to use the method LlGetUsedIdentifiers() to obtain the list of identifiers used in the project file under consideration.