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.NET Hyphenation with NHunspell

To get a hyphenation with List & Label you can use the open source project NHunspell. Just insert the conditional separator Chr$(173) at separable places of a word. This can be done via the ‘AutoDefineField’ event.

First, add a dependency to the NuGet package “NHunspell” to your project (note the license terms!).

Sample code C# :

using NHunspell;

// use an OpenOffice hyphenation dictionary here
Hyphen hyphen = new Hyphen(@"...\hyph_en_US.dic");
ListLabel LL = new ListLabel()
LL.AutoDefineField += new AutoDefineElementHandler(LL_AutoDefineField);
void LL_AutoDefineField(object sender, AutoDefineElementEventArgs element)
        string word = element.Value.ToString();
        if ((word != "System.Byte[]") && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(word))
               HyphenResult hyphenated = hyphen.Hyphenate(word);
               // Hunspell marks the separable characters with "=", change this to the correct character
               element.Value = hyphenated.HyphenatedWord.Replace('=', (char)173);

Sample code VB.NET :

Imports NHunspell
Using LL As New ListLabel()
Using hyphen As New Hyphen("...\hyph_en_US.dic")
LL.AutoDefineField += New AutoDefineElementHandler(AddressOf LL_AutoDefineField)
Private Sub LL_AutoDefineField(sender As Object, element As AutoDefineElementEventArgs)
                Dim word As String = element.Value.ToString()
                If (word <> "System.Byte[]") AndAlso Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(word) Then
                               Dim hyphenated As HyphenResult = hyphen.Hyphenate(word)
                               element.Value = hyphenated.HyphenatedWord.Replace("="C, CChar(173))
                End If
End Sub