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.NET 4 Framework

I built a simple WPF application that targets .NET 4 :

[code] public MainWindow()

        IList<ICustomer> c = new List<ICustomer>();
        c.Add( ... some data ...)

        using (ListLabel ll = new ListLabel())
            ll.LicensingInfo = "**MyLicense**";
            ll.DataSource = c;

If I debug this one, when I select “New” on the first .lst selection window it crashes.
If I change framework to 3.5 it works.

I’m using VS 2012 update 2, w8 x64
C:\Program Files (x86)\combit\LL18\Redistributable Files\combit.ListLabel18.dll

Thank you,

Dear Max,
thank you for your post.

I have tested the issue with windows 7, VS2012, windows 8 and VS2012, but i can´t reproduce the problem.

Please be sure that you are using the actual service pack (18.003).

If the problem still occurs, we would please you to open an regular support case for this issue, thank you.

Kind regards
Erdal Alacali
Technical Support
combit GmbH

I forgot to set Platform target as x86 instead of Any CPU.


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