Multiple Tables - simpler example

I am struggling with making following report. I hope that someone can bring some more explaination what I am doing wrong.

I’ve go two tables:
Staff defined as ID, Lname, FName
items defined as ID, StaffIdx, Name, Value

I want to endup with report like that
Staff.FName, StaffLName, (Sum of Items.Value where StaffIdx == Staff.Idx )

I have used
LLDbAddTable( hJob, “Staff”, “Staff” );
LLDbAddTable( hJob, “Items”, “Items” );

end defined required fields
… DefineFlieldEx( hJob, “Staff.idx”, “1” );

… DefineFlieldEx( hJob, “Items.idx”, “1” );

etc etc
DefineRalation( hJob,“Items”, “Staff”, “Staff2Items” );

I’ve even defined relation as there is 1:m Staff.Idx->Items.StaffIdx (So one staff memeber can have multiple items).

But I am struggling with Print loop

it easey to iterate and print list of Staff

While ( !Recordset.IsEof() )
// Read data from stuff table for this record
// Define “staff” fields

// But not sure what should happen here <---------------


I would be appreciated for any advice. I know that there is an example of multiple tables but I need something lot simpler…

Does really anyone dont knows answer to this question?