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Multiple label layouts on one page

First of all: we are using LL19 in .NET (c#) and are using it to print labels.

I would like to know if it’s possible to combine different label layouts (projects) on a single page and how you could accomplish this. So we have several .lbl files. Through configuration it’s decided which should be used. Currently there will always be a page break when the items to be printed have different ‘.lbl’ files configured. We now have the requirement to be able to print these on the same page.

Does anyone know if this is possible (preferrably through code)?


You may use layers in the designer to have multiple layouts in one lbl-file.


Thanks for the reply Hans.

As we don’t always have complete control of the layout of our labels (some customers change them themselves), we would like a solution that doesn’t require specific changes to the lbl file.

For the moment I’m thinking of ‘merging’ the layouts into one through code (using the DOM components that are provided). I succeeded in doing so in a test application, but it’s a bit tricky…

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