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Map/Shapefile Charts With List & Label

Valid from List & Label 24
Starting with version 19, shapefiles can be used in the List & Label Designer. The shapefile format is a common file format that can be created with a range of CAD applications. You might need a converter, see link below. List & Label comes with a world map and you may easily integrate other maps/shapes.

NaturalEarth has free data that can easily be redistributed. See the link below for downloads. The shapefiles can then be used as data, foreground or background shape. A number of other shapefile sources is also linked.

Usually, a shapefile comes with an attribute database (*.dbf) that associates a number of attributes like ISO code, HASC codes etc. with the shapes. List & Label offers these attributes as chart fields (LL.ChartObject.Shape.Attribute....) enabling a clear assignment between your data fields and the shapefile attributes.


IDKBTE000864 KBTE000864