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LL22 dll

(Cady Huynh) #1

I just update from LL21 to LL22 for my 64bit web service. I added file cxll22.dll to the main project where LL21 files used to be. Compiling is passed but when I call the web service, I got error of unable to load dll “cxll22.dll”. The files is in bin its folder and permission is not the problem. I don’t know what dll files are required so I only add cxll22.dll so far.
How do I fix this problem and is it mentioned somewhere about dll required?

(combit Support - Christian Rauchfuß) #2

Hello Cady,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately this is not enough. List & Label needs some DLLs. Please have a look to the text file redist.txt of your List & Label installation (…\combit\LL22\Documentation). All modules listed in there without the note “optional” are required at least.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Cady Huynh) #3

Thank you Christian. It is all working now.
I forgot about the document. I thought I could just add one at a time to find out the required dlls . Silly me.