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LL20 Show pdf on each page

(Jozef Iljuk) #1

is it possible to show the inserted pdf on each page?

I have a pdf as background and I need to be shown on each page. Appearance condition for the PDF is set to true, but the PDF is shown only on the first page.

Thank You

(Oliver Hambrecht) #2


it should be possible if you assign the pdf-object to the base-layer and also set its property ‘pagebreak’ to “false”.

(Jozef Iljuk) #3

Thanks for the reply,
yes I have it set as a base layer. I have found only “page break before” property, and this is set to “false”. Is there also “page break” only property somewhere?
I’ve also tried 2 pdf-objects, one to set it to “First page only” layer and the second one to “Other Pages” layer. Then the pdf is shown only at first 2 pages, but that’s all.

Thank You

(Jozef Iljuk) #4

Ok, I found it… it was in the “Data source” property.


(Oliver Hambrecht) #5

No, the property “Pagebreak Before” means only, if the PDF shouöd first make an pagebrekre before itslef will be displayed.
You really need the property “Pagebreak” of the pdf- object itself. You should find it, if you select the pdf-object and than goto “Data > Data Source > Pagebreak” in its proptery-grid -like: