LL20 Show pdf on each page

is it possible to show the inserted pdf on each page?

I have a pdf as background and I need to be shown on each page. Appearance condition for the PDF is set to true, but the PDF is shown only on the first page.

Thank You


it should be possible if you assign the pdf-object to the base-layer and also set its property ‘pagebreak’ to “false”.

Thanks for the reply,
yes I have it set as a base layer. I have found only “page break before” property, and this is set to “false”. Is there also “page break” only property somewhere?
I’ve also tried 2 pdf-objects, one to set it to “First page only” layer and the second one to “Other Pages” layer. Then the pdf is shown only at first 2 pages, but that’s all.

Thank You

Ok, I found it… it was in the “Data source” property.


No, the property “Pagebreak Before” means only, if the PDF shouöd first make an pagebrekre before itslef will be displayed.
You really need the property “Pagebreak” of the pdf- object itself. You should find it, if you select the pdf-object and than goto “Data > Data Source > Pagebreak” in its proptery-grid -like:

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