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(Guest) #1

Good day,
I wanted to ask why if I print a label using the command:
LL.Print (combit.ListLabel16.LlProject.Label, sFileName, False, combit.ListLabel16.LlPrintMode.Normal, combit.ListLabel16.LlBoxType.NormalMeter, “Print …”, False, My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.Temp )

that,comes complete with its images.

As if I cast the same label using the following syntax images are not sent to the printer?

LL.SetDataBinding(Dt, “Arca”)
LLSendObj(LL, ObjAry)
LL.Core.LlProjectOpen(combit.ListLabel16.LlProject.Label, sfileName, 0)
LL.Core.LlPrintSetOption(combit.ListLabel16.LlPrintOption.Copies, nCopie)
LL.Core.LlPrintOptionsDialogTitle(Nothing, “Selezione Stampante”, “Selezione Stampante”)
LL.Core.LlPrintSetBoxText(“Stampa…”, ((100& * nCopie)))

Can someone help me, please?
Thanks a lot

(Guest) #2

Hey Marco,

thank you for your post.

How do you implement the images to the label? Are you using relative paths (“ProjectPath$()”) or absolute values (“C:\temp\images…”)?

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Guest) #3

Good Day to you,
In my Label I have set the path as UNC path: \server\Loghi\Logo.jpg
it is a shared and public directory in my lan.

The property “Relative Path” is set to FALSE

I don’t use ProjectPath$() or other variables .

Did you have any Idea?

Thanks a lot

(Guest) #4

Hi Marco,

thank you for your post.

Using UNC should not lead to such problems. It works fine in our tests. Please have a look to the debwin log file. Maybe there is a different or empty content for printing?
You have to start the debug mode using LlSetDebug(1) very early in your code (ex. when creating your form). Please also read the hints in the file “Self_help.pdf” in your List & Label Documentation-directory or in the corresponding knowledgebase article “Create and Analyze a Log File”.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Guest) #5

Ok, I can try, to look for some new useful information, thank you.

But it seems strange that there are no data worng in label, because the same label that is printed without pictures, if I use preview, I see it completely and then refer back if I print without preview and without closing the program, this is always printed full.

For completeness, I send my version number with service packs.

Version : 16.0.2010.30416 (10-10-25 16:23)F
SysInfo of : 27/05/2013 09.32.43

(Guest) #6

The problem occurs if I turn on the PC and start the program label printing
, I select the label and if I use the iterative procedure, without going through the preview, the images are not printed, as if this procedure dont load some library in memory, since I use the preview or the design or automatic printing procedure then everything works normally.
Is it possible?

(Guest) #7

Hi Marco,

please note that you are using a very old version of LL16 (10-10-25 16:23). This is the release version of LL16. Please test the behaviour with the current version of LL18:

LL18] Trial Download[/url]

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH