LL15(32bit) preview on x64 System cause chk?.tmp files in user temp.

Hello, I’m planning the distribution of LL17 but currently still using version 15.

Using the demo program lldemo32.exe on windows 7 pro 64bit, any preview operation generate chk files???.tmp (one per page) in the user temp folder. This files are blocked and do not cancel automatically when exit viewer but only at the end of the demonstration program, so, if I repeat the same preview operation, application generate some other different files.

This problem also affects productivity applications in the same system conditions, these, however, working with many complex pages and cause performance degradation of up to block the system.

Before moving on to new version, I would like terminate current application correct life cycle.

Someone found the same behavior?

Thank you.

Hello Andrea,

thank you for your post.

Please note that List & Label 15 is not certified for the usage on Windows 7. We would like to ask you if you can test the described behavior with the current Version of List & Label.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello Patrick,

thank you for your reply.

I have the chance to make upgrade to version 17 but actually I have some compatibility functional issues between models of release 15 and those of release 17, so (knowing the problem of compatibility) I preferred to continue with the version 15.

I can confirm that the problem does not exist in both the 64-bit version of combit.listlabel15 and in version 17 (remember that te system is W7P64).

Of course I don’t want raise the issue for an older version, but for me it is very interesting to understand what may be the reasons for the generation of these chk?.tmp locked pages files and I suppose that this might be interesting for you and for others who read your forum (like me).

Thanks again for your interest and for any depth.

Best regards.
.Andrea Armandola.

Dear Andrea,
thank you for your post.

It is not easy to say what triggered the behavior in the old version. Maybe there was some patch to the Win7 OS that changed something in the way temp files were handled. Sometimes, virus scanners can cause weird behavior by locking temp files (due to the scan) and releasing them too late.

Since the problem does not occur with LL17, I’d suggest to use that version or - even better - the most recent version 19 which is also compatible to Windows 8.1.

Best regards,

Erdal Alacali
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello,thank you for your reply.

Yes, i’m changing the version to 17. No virus scan, I did not detect strange behaviour in the system updates.

Thank you.

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