LL_Parameter_Exception was unhandled

I started up my sample application today and I am getting this error:

An unhandled exception of type ‘combit.ListLabel20.LL_Parameter_Exception’ occurred in combit.ListLabel20.dll

Additional information: Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.

Here is a snippet from the debug log:

CMLL20 : 13:36:03.498 00002920/02 8 [clr.dll] >LlXSetParameter(2,1,‘HTML5’,‘XHTML.ToolbarType’,‘0’)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.498 00002920/02 9 [clr.dll] *** [Error in parameter #3: invalid value]
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.499 00002920/02 0 [clr.dll] <LlXSetParameter() -> -18 (0XFFFFFFEE) (Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.501 00002920/02 1 [clr.dll] >LlGetErrortext(-18,0X29885CB8,16384)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.502 00002920/02 2 [clr.dll] <LlGetErrortext() -> 0 (00000000) [‘Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.’]
CMLL20 : 13:45:38.390 00002998/02 0 [clr.dll] LIC: clsLicenseInfo::GetStateFromSerno(240162461)

I’m not sure what changed to cause this error. I did a project search and could not pinpoint what is making the call to LlXSetParameter.

I did just recently upgrade my trial license to Enterprise, but not sure if that matters. Can anyone please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Stanley,

thank you for your post.

It seems that the HTML5 export is not available or can’t be found. Maybe some DLL is missing? Please have a look to the redist.txt (…\combit\LL20\Documentation\redist.txt) and check whether all needed DLLs are distributed.

Alternatively you could open a new support case via our support portal and send a complete debwin logfile for a further analysis.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

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