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LL_Parameter_Exception was unhandled

(Stanley Ta) #1

I started up my sample application today and I am getting this error:

An unhandled exception of type ‘combit.ListLabel20.LL_Parameter_Exception’ occurred in combit.ListLabel20.dll

Additional information: Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.

Here is a snippet from the debug log:

CMLL20 : 13:36:03.498 00002920/02 8 [clr.dll] >LlXSetParameter(2,1,‘HTML5’,‘XHTML.ToolbarType’,‘0’)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.498 00002920/02 9 [clr.dll] *** [Error in parameter #3: invalid value]
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.499 00002920/02 0 [clr.dll] <LlXSetParameter() -> -18 (0XFFFFFFEE) (Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.501 00002920/02 1 [clr.dll] >LlGetErrortext(-18,0X29885CB8,16384)
CMLL20 : 13:36:03.502 00002920/02 2 [clr.dll] <LlGetErrortext() -> 0 (00000000) [‘Parameter error. Please use debug mode to determine the error.’]
CMLL20 : 13:45:38.390 00002998/02 0 [clr.dll] LIC: clsLicenseInfo::GetStateFromSerno(240162461)

I’m not sure what changed to cause this error. I did a project search and could not pinpoint what is making the call to LlXSetParameter.

I did just recently upgrade my trial license to Enterprise, but not sure if that matters. Can anyone please advise.

Thanks in advance.

(combit Support - Christian Rauchfuß) #2

Hello Stanley,

thank you for your post.

It seems that the HTML5 export is not available or can’t be found. Maybe some DLL is missing? Please have a look to the redist.txt (…\combit\LL20\Documentation\redist.txt) and check whether all needed DLLs are distributed.

Alternatively you could open a new support case via our support portal and send a complete debwin logfile for a further analysis.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH