ListLabel constructor initialization problem

Hello team,
I have a strange issue with LL. I have one class library project contains projectfile ,licence info etc. It creates instance of ListLabel control and sends.
This class library services to WinForm app and WPF app.

  private static ListLabel CreateInstance()
            => new ListLabel
                   DrilldownAvailable = true,
                   EMFResolution = 100,
                   LockNextChar = 8288,
                   PhantomSpace = 8203,
                   Unit = LlUnits.Millimeter_1_100,
                   UseHardwareCopiesForLabels = false,
                   UseTableSchemaForDesignMode = false,
                   AutoMasterMode = LlAutoMasterMode.AsFields,
                   LicensingInfo = "xxxxx"

When I called the var ll=CreateInstance() it works if it calls from Winform APP
When I called the var ll=CreateInstance() it works if it calls from WPF app
When I called the var ll=CreateInstance() it does not work if it calls from a class library attached to the WPF app.
The more strange thing is no exception or other message etc.
Do you have an idea?

Can you try to log the failed attempt with Debwin4? If there is no Exception - what does “does not work” mean? Do you get a lock? Or a process termination?

This is strange thing. It has been resolved by carrying the CreateInstance code into the button click it works.
“does not work” means no attraction and no interaction only wait screen.
I did not try Debwin4. But the injected objects are autoresolved by dependency container.It sounds me suspicious.
Anyway it works now.
Thank you very much for your interest.

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Thanks for the clarification. Come back anytime if we can be of further help.