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List & Label and MBCS

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Valid from List & Label 6
Starting with version 15, Unicode is the default for List & Label and the Standard Edition also supports Unicode calls. The .NET component is always using the Unicode-APIs. However, the declaration files still select the ANSI API calls for most other languages unless UNICODE is explicitly defined.

In order to use List & Label in a MBCS environment with older versions, you need the Professional Edition. For further hints see the corresponding chapter in the manual.

Especially make sure that LL_OPTION_xxxREPRESENTATIONCODES is a character value that is NOT a lead byte for the respective MBCS charset - for example, 21 for TAB, 20 for RET and 22 for EXPRSEP - this means they all look the same but it works. If possible (trad. chinese has some usable characters), choose a "visual representative" code that shows a character on the screen.
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