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Linking up Form Control Checkboxes

Hi again, after playing around with the Form Control options I have managed to improve several templates greatly. Now another question has arisen.
Can the behaviour of the Form Control objects be linked to/depend on another Form Control objects?
For example: I have a template with three delivery options (Main Warehouse, Secondary Warehouse, Custom address), and each of them has a checkbox type of Form Control object next to it. I would like for Main Warehouse to be on by default, but whenever I click on Secondary Warehouse box, I would like the software to unselect the Main Warehouse one.
Is that possible?
And then, going into more complicated links, could it be that when a certain option is selected from a Combobox, certain checkboxes get checked? Or when a certain option is selected from a Combobox, that automatically configures another Combobox to a particular option?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Kind regards!

Unfortunately - no. These are all very good ideas that would be a great fit to the Idea Place category. Currenty, there is no “business logic” available for form controls. Partly, what you need can be done with project parameters. They can e.g. be interdependent, i.e. choosing one entry from a combo box can change the contents of another. A demo can be found here, the available products are depending on the selected category.

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