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Limited Print Target, no Excel

Dear All,
We are currently using List and Label 15 and our program is built using Progress Openedge.
On development process, we install the List and Label using the installer. And for the production, we only use the files from the Redistributable Files folder.

Using the installer, we can choose many printing target during the setting of the printing option. But using the redistributable files, we can only choose printer, preview and file. And using file, we cannot print directly to Excel.

Dear Christofer ,
thank you for your note.

Please check the file redist.txt, are all the listed files in the Redistributable Files folder?

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Dear Erdal,
Thank you for your response. You were right that I was did not include some files needed for that options.

However, I have another question. I just recently purchased List&Label Version 22. I am using Progress 10.2B to send data and call the List&Label to design/print. When I want to design, I do not see the Crosstab Option. I can see the the crosstab however in the “List & Label Sample-Application”.
I did try putting all the redistributable files, but I still cannot see that option neither.
Previously I also tried with the Trial version, I did not see that option either.

I could use the old .lst files (version 15), which contain crosstab, and open/edit in the newer version.

Could you please advise what I could do about this issue?

Thank you

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