lbl Controls

I’m new to list and label, we receive lbl templates from a customer which must be populated with data via out interface which is written in VB6.
I’ve a couple of problems and hoping someone could help:

  1. I’ve managed to populate the lbl principally using ‘LlDefineVariableExt’, but I can’t find a method to populate a form control within a lbl file.

  2. Ideally I would prefer to show a preview of the label using the preview OCX which can be embedded on a VB form rather than really on a pop up (we are using touch screens and the normal controls/icons are too small for users wearing gloves).
    However I can’t seem to generate a LL file without the popup preview.

[code] With LLOCX
Call PopulateData
Call .LlPreviewSetTempPath("")
'Call .LlPrintStart(LL_PROJECT_LABEL, sPathAndFile, LL_LL_PRINT_NORMAL )

   lRet = .LlPrint()
   lRet = .LlPrintEnd(0)
    'loads prieview file LL
    Call LlView.SetZoom(lZoom)
    LlView.FileURL = sPathAndFile

end with[/code]

Is there a way to generate the LL file with out showing the popup preview?