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Layer on second page


I have an layout with 2 layers. Now I want that Layer 2 is always printed from page 2. How can I fix this ?


Dear Kees,
thank you for your note.

Set the condition to the layer and set the “Minimum Page count” Project propertie to “2”, if this does not help i would please you to describe the problem again, thank you.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Thank you for your reply, but it does not work yet.

I have set the minimum page count to 2 and the condition in the layer to “page() >= 2”.

It seems that when I have a report with more than 1 page of data layer 2 does show up but then only missing the first page of layer 2. So the first page won’t show up. When I set the condition to “Page()>=1” then it will show up. But I want layer 2 to show up from page 2 and further.

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