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Landscape Preview

I have an issue where, if using a certain printer, the report editor will show the page in portrait mode no matter what orientation is chosen. This also follows through to the printer itself. We have tried all types of fixes for this, such as forcing the printer, re-installing list and label, creating a new report etc.

This happens for every report that is landscape. Also this does not happen with other printers.

It may not be a problem with list and label but would be nice to know if anyone else has experienced this and has a solution.

Using LL18

Dear Thomas,
thank you for your note.

Indeed sounds like a printer driver issue. We’d suggest to contact the vendor who can in turn contact us.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Hi Erdal

Thanks for your response. I have spoken with our clients and they are using a RICOH Aficio MPC4000 printer. Do you know of any issues with these types of printer? They said they have tried installing the latest drivers etc.



Any news on this Erdal?

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