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L & L General Question

Hello everyone,

L & L is the integrated Report generator in an app that I bought & I was trying to generate some data from the app’s DB & when I asked on that apps forum, the dev guy told me to use the report generator ( L & L ). I was lost by the 3-4th page of the L & L user manual, (I am disabled army vet & 20 year career as an Electrician, computer coding eludes me, but if you want some conduit bent, I 'm your guy :smiley: ). Soooo I am here asking if there someone who knows this thing fairly well & charge me a reasonable rate to set up a report for me that I can import into my app.


Hi Rod,

Does the application output any of its results (reports) using L&L?
Is there any .lst, .lbl, .srt (or other L&L) file part of the application install?
Are you able to open the “L&L Designer” from within the application?
Are you then able to specify which report/label definition file to use?

The L&L definition file depends on the data (model) supplied to L&L by the application. That is why you have to modify an existing definition for the application and start it from the application.
Or start with an empty report/label definition. That can be created from within the L&L Designer by using File>New.


the app name is Stampmanage by Liberty Street Software (there is a demo if you want to download it & see how L&L works in it)

All the reports use L&L, they have some basic reports / report templates included.

Yes, all 3.

Yes, If I click ‘Reports’ >> ‘New Report Wizard’ or ‘Edit Report’, it opens L&L.

Yes, once a report template is created it is stored in the reports folder (which is in the stampmanage folder) & when you select edit report or output to report, it pops up a window prompting you to select which report template you want to use.

Basically I want to get help creating a new template that takes data from each record & calculates some formulas with stamp values & such & then I can print it.


Could someone please direct me to a forum somewhere where I might be able to find someone that I can hire to assist me in creating the report I need?

I tried using the built-in Report Wizard & the ‘file > New’ but I do not understand what to do from there, none of it makes sense to me, esp. the .pdf user manual for L&L.

All I want is to get a report template made up so I can output the stamp data to a report that runs some basic algebra & gives me the results. the forums for the stamp program said that L&L would do what I wanted done, I just don’t know how to do it, hence me being here.

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