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We are using List and Label for our java desktop application. During shipping ,we packed the necessary DLLS in the jar file and is extracted into the temperory folder of the system. But the System.loadLibrary() is throwing an Error, “java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ListLabel19JNI_x64 in java.library.path” even if the property ‘java.library.path’ is set. It would be great if you could help me with this.

Bibin Thomas

It seems the problem is that your are extracting into a temporary folder. Do you have also set the library path ‘java.library.path’ to that directory?

Does your application works fine on your LL developer machine?
If so, the problem is either the path (your application cannot find the specified file) OR the dependencies of LL are not complete. Look for that into the folder \Redistributable Files\x64\ and the file redist.txt.

yeah, I have set the property ‘java.library.path’ to the temporary folder.
It works fine on the developer machine. I have also tried loading dlls one after the other using absolute path, but then came the error “Can’t find dependent libraries”.
Is there any order, the dlls should be loaded?

If it works great on the developer machine the problem must be one of the following:

  • environment variable PATH is not set correctly to your temporary folder; additionally to your java.library.path
  • some dependencies of other LL moduls (like cxbr19.dll, cxll19.dll etc.) are missing. Please refer therefore the file redist.txt

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