Issue with Data Binding in List & Label Report


I hope you’re doing well. I’m currently facing an issue with data binding in my List & Label report, and I need help to resolve it.

Below are the details of my problem:

I’m using List & Label version 24 for my report generation. I have a dataset containing the required data for the report. The dataset is populated with the relevant information needed for the report generation.

Even after having a populated dataset, I’m facing difficulties in binding the dataset fields to the report elements. When trying to bind the dataset fields to the report elements, the data either does not display at all or displays incorrectly.

I have verified that the dataset contains the correct data and that the field names in the dataset match those specified in the report layout. I have rechecked the List & Label documentation and searched through the forums for similar issues but have been unable to find a solution thus far.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this data binding issue.

I’m looking forward to your responses.

Thank you for your time and help!

Thank you

A good start would be to verify if the issue is reproducible with one of our samples or the demo application. Also, feel free to provide code snippets and screenshots showing the exact problem.

Hello @jbartlau

Thanks for your reply . After further investigation and testing, I managed to identify and resolve the issue. Thank you for your initial guidance, which helped me approach the problem systematically.

Thank you

Good to hear. Would you mind sharing your findings :slight_smile:?