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Include Webdesigner in a blazor project


I am trying to create a test project to get to know List&Label in a Asp.NET Core Blazor Server Side Project. Here* i found a documentation about how to use the WebDesigner.
In MVC the WebDesigner Download/Open Handler is integrated with
Sample Project (\combit\LL25\Beispiele\Microsoft .NET.NET Core 3.0\ASP.NET\C#\MVC Web Reporting Sample)

I am unable to integrate the web designer in a razor component. IHtmlHelper seems not to be available like in MVC (The @Html…). Do you already have an example for Blazor or any guidance? Thanks

Btw. the sample mvc project throws an error reading the datasource. To reproduce just try to enter the designer of any report.

  • hatetepesttps://docu.combit.net/net/de/#Use%20of%20the%20Web%20Designer.html

Sorry for the late reply. We’ll investigate and come back ASAP.

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Unfortunately we have not yet found a solution to the problem. It seems that html helper are not supported in blazor components. But we will stay on the topic and try to create an example.

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