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Improve the keyboard interface in the dialogs of the LL-designer

I am sorry but I have to say that the keyboard interface in the designer is somehow "not optimal" and somehow "confusing" ;)

Currently the dialogs in the LL22/LL23 designer cannot be used without a mouse.
The tab sequence is often just random.

Let us have a look on the formula editor (Insert a field into a table). It starts out and the focus is in the formula field. The is now no keyboard navigation to get out this entry field. Labels don't have a under bar char that can be addressed this Alt+char.

There is no hotkey to allow me to jump into the search field for a function.
So I use the mouse.

Now I am in the search field. I type a name of a field. After a short time, the search result appears below the entry field. Now use Tab and expect that the focus advances to the list below the search field. But Tab sets the focus the the Tab-Control above the search field.

Neither Pressing Tab or Shift-Tab reaches any of the fields in this dialog.

Also if I am in the formula field. And I press Shift+Tab (Getting a Backtab) the previous selected text is replaced with a Tab. Also Ctrl+Tab is interpreted as a Tab.

I am used to insert Tabs into such a text field with Ctrl+Tab....

Using public Shortcuts for Undo and Redo Ctrl+Y and Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace don't work either.
There are buttons on the right. It would be possible to show the keyboard shortcuts there too in the tooltips.

Same for the Function search field. Set the focus to it. Type "CStr". Now assume Tab jumps into the field below. No avail.
Select "CStr" with the mouse allows me to Alt+E (Einfügen) to execute "Insert".

And yes: I see the problem with the entry field were "Tab" should be allowed to be entered. But accelerator with Alt+ would help to jump into the variable or function search.

Thanks for the suggestion - leaving it open for voting, however I added an item to our backlog for LL24 straight away.


Most of the suggestions mentioned above will be implemented in LL24. Still leaving this suggestion open - please leave more improvement ideas for dialog keyboard navigation in the comments if you’re voting for this.

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