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Images appear with a grey background?

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I’m having issues printing images in List&Label 13. I’m passing Bitmap objects from a .net application; however they get drawn with a light grey background (#f8f8f8) when I’m expecting a completely white background. It’s difficult to see, but on monitors (or printers) with the right contrast settings it is definitely visible. The background has the same bounds as the image I try to draw.

I have tried images with white backgrounds, transparent backgrounds, and different file formats (png, bmp, jpg). Nothing seems to have solved the issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hi Brandon,

I print catalogues of images with LL13 for long time and I have not had any problem.

Are you applying some filter to the image?
If you edits the image, is background really white?

If you wishes, you can send me an image for test!!

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Best regards,
Antonio Jiménez