I am encountering errors while trying to export to PowerPoint and Word.

The two options for exporting in the “list and label” are not working, but the rest, PowerPoint and MsWord, are functioning correctly. The errors are displayed in “DebWin4.” My backend is built on .NET Core, and the frontend is built using Angular.

Could you please upload the complete Debwin log here, maybe we will see more then.

Debwin4.log4 (254.6 KB)

Hi Uzair did you check the Export path whether it exists?


I have checked, and yes, it exists.

Could you please check if theses modules are also shipped with your application:

  • DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll
  • combit.ListLabel28.Export.x64.dll

Yes, the DLLs for these modules do exist in my project.

Unfortunately, this question can not be solved in the forum. We need additional information that cannot be exchanged through the forum platform.I’d suggest to open a support case via our support portal at My acccount: Login, user registration, product registration. Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description.

Another possibility could be that the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll is not available in the correct version. It should be at least version 2.17.1 for List & Label 28.