Html5ViewerRender using insecure version of JQuery 1.11

We have justed performed an penetration test on our cloud solution by an external security company.
The solution uses among other things the List&Label HTML5 previewer component, and this component fails the security check (yellow notice), because of references to old 3rdparty libraries.
Debugging the combit.ListLabel27.Web.dll, I can see these references (see attachment)

Any chance of updating to latest JQuery versjon 3.6 any time soon?

We’d rather suggest to update the app to using the Web Report Viewer - it’s a modern, React based web component. The jQuery based HTML5 viewer will be sunset. See Use of the Web Report Viewer for details how to work with the new component.

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Ok, thanks for the answer. I will look into this :smiley:

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Feel free to follow up if something shouldn’t work as expected. As an additional bonus, once you have the controller for the Viewer in place, adding the browser based Web Report Designer is very easy, too. Hence, updating the app will be worth the effort anyway.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:!